Electrical & Electronic Products

Shin-Etsu Polymer has developed several original conductive silicone rubber products. Many of these have been adopted in a wide range of electrical and electronic products, most notably in the cell phone and components of office automation (OA) devices applied by various technologies (i.e., conductive control, anisotropic conductivity forming, thin layer film forming, and foaming technologies).


Shin-Etsu Polymer manufactures an array of automobile products including switch devices, electrical inter-connectors and environmentally friendly compounds. We seek to satisfy our customers' needs for safe, lightweight, and creative products while bearing in mind immediate and evolving environmental issues.

Semiconductor Materials

Shin-Etsu Polymer's packaging and carrier materials are designed for protecting silicon wafers and devices from particle contamination during transportation. Our packaging materials are comprehensively designed using the right combination of materials selection, precision compound, and analysis technologies.

Medical & Chemical Products

Shin-Etsu Polymer manufactures medical and chemical appliances such as Catheters and Silicosen (culture plugs). These products employ our unique liquid silicone rubber injection molding and foaming technologies.

Packaging Materials

Shin-Etsu Polymer manufacturers packaging materials for various commercial uses, including food wrapping products. We also make CD and DVD packages for digital media devices. These products are mainly made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) via the inflation molding process.

Construction Materials

Shin-Etsu Polymer has been manufacturing polyvinyl chloride (PVC) water and sewage pipes and exterior siding materials using sophisticated compounding and extrusion technology since our founding.
We recently shifted our focus to the manufacture of PVC siding materials in response to remodeling demands, targeting apartment buildings and houses in particular. Our advanced PVC siding materials protect buildings from salt-bearing ocean wind and also acts as insulation for buildings located in cold climates.