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The BittWare Advantage
BittWare has been designing and delivering signal processing solutions for over two decades. Employing the best thinkers and providing an environment that fosters innovation and creativity, we have a design team that seeks out the latest technologies and develops reliable, cutting-edge products.

Cutting-edge technology.
Timely delivery.
Superior technical support.

BittWare provides the essential building blocks you need for your digital signal processing innovative solutions.

  • OpenCL for Altera FPGAs providing the building blocks for OpenCL FPGA development
  • FPGA COTS Hardware based on Altera’s high-density FPGAs and our Anemone co-processor for FPGAs
  • Value-Add Products for FPGA to facilitate efficient data routing and processing
  • Development Tools that take you from prototype to production
  • Systems & Solutions including design consultation, system integration, and application-specific product design

The Open Computing Language (OpenCL™) programming model is now supported on Altera’s Stratix® V FPGA architecture and BittWare’s Stratix V FPGA COTS hardware, providing an incredibly powerful solution for system acceleration.

BittWare’s OpenCL Developer’s Bundle

  • BittWare S5-PCI-HQ Altera Stratix V GSMD5, GSMD8, GXEA7, or GXEAB half-length PCIe board with two banks of 4GByte DDR3 SDRAM
  • S5PH-Q Board Support Package
  • BittWare BittWorks II Toolkit application development software for BittWare COTS boards
  • BittWare Breakout Board (BWBO) providing front panel access to signals and interfaces on the S5PH-Q (two RS-232 connectors, an RJ-45 Ethernet jack, and a micro-USB shell that are all accessible via the front panel)
  • One year license for the Altera Quartus® II software (v13.0), Developer’s Kit Edition
  • One year license for the Altera Software Development Kit (SDK) for OpenCL
  • Altera USB Byte Blaster to download configuration or program data into the Stratix V

Request more information on BittWare’s OpenCL Developers Bundle for OpenCL development support.

What is OpenCL?

The OpenCL (Open Computing Language) standard is the first royalty-free, open standard framework that enables users to write programs that execute across heterogeneous systems including CPUs (Central Processing Units), GPUs (Graphics Processing Units), DSPs (Digital Signal Processors), and FPGAs. It allows the use of a C-based language for developing code across these different platforms.
Developed by the Khronos Group, OpenCL greatly improves speed and responsiveness for many applications, including those in defense/aerospace, communications, high end instrumentation, life sciences, and financial.

What Are the Benefits of OpenCL for FPGAs?

  • Faster time-to-market using the OpenCL C-based parallel programming language as opposed to low-level hardware description language (HDL).
  • Quick design exploration by working at a higher level of design abstraction.
  • Easy design re-use by re-targeting existing OpenCL C code to current and future FPGAs.
  • Faster design completion by generating an FPGA implementation of OpenCL C code in a single step, bypassing the manual timing closure efforts and implementation of communication interfaces between the FPGA, host, and external memories.
  • Increased performance by offloading performance-intensive functions from the host processor to the FPGA.
  • Significantly lower power by using the Altera SDK for OpenCL which generates only the logic needed to deliver.

OpenCL Solutions from Altera and BittWare

BittWare is a member of Altera’s Preferred Board Partner Program for OpenCL. BittWare’s S5-PCIe-HQ (S5PH-Q) Altera Stratix® V half-length PCIe COTS board is optimized for the most current Altera device architectures and design software and is supported by Altera’s SDK for OpenCL. The Altera® SDK for OpenCL provides a design environment enabling users to easily implement OpenCL applications on Altera’s FPGAs. Support on the S5PH-Q is available for the Stratix V GSMD5, GSMD8, GXEA7 and GXEAB devices.

BittWare offers deployable COTS FPGA boards that provide superior development productivity and unmatched SWaP (Size, Weight, Power) performance. Our focus on best practices ensures consistent product quality and product performance that is unsurpassed in the industry.

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