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Schneider Electric develops connected technologies and solutions to manage energy and process in ways that are safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable.
The Group invests in R&D in order to sustain innovation and differentiation, with a strong commitment to sustainable development.

Low-voltage products and systems

From circuit breakers and busses to enclosures, panel boards, and switchboards, we offer a full range of safe, reliable solutions for low-voltage applications


  • Motor control-Tesys, EASYPACT TVS
  • EOCR

Building Automation & Control

The intelligent buildings market continues to be the source of innovation in technology designed for commercial facility optimization


  • SmartStruxure solution: User-friendly integrated solution for optimized building performance
  • Room Control Devices- Application-specific room controllers offer the control of DDC systems with the user-friendliness of thermostats. HVAC Control Devices

Medium Voltage Distribution and Grid Automation Products

From medium voltage switchgear and transformers to energy automation, we deliver specific solutions for utilities, oil and gas, mining, data centers, and critical buildings, covering all power distribution needs for energy management.


  • Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS)
  • Easergy

Critical Power, Cooling and Racks

We help businesses of all sizes mitigate threats and maintain availability for IT, by keeping them connected to cloud applications and data, and ensuring the availability of in-house applications


  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • Security and Environmental Monitoring
  • Surge Protection and Power Conditioning

Industrial Automation and control solution

Schneider Electric automation and control products and solutions cover the breadth of the industrial, infrastructure and building sectors -- from programmable relays to motion controllers and interface modules, for applications from simple machines to complex process system.


  • Boxes, cabling and interface
  • Enclosures and accessories
  • HMI and industrial PC

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